Our Studio

We are Brōkasel,

a multi award-winning creative audiovisual agency based in Brussels.

Harnessing the power and emotion of stories, in every genre and media.

Utilising the aesthetics of telling what needs to be told, in order to move, entertain or inform.

Through a profound understanding of the process, unleashing the limits of imagination.



Every story should make the heart beat just a little bit faster.
Adding layers to the soul, each tale has the potential to change it’s audience.


An unquestionable feast for the eyes and a fulfilling ride for the mind.
The fullest expression of beauty, all by virtue of the artist who brought it there.


The challenger of the status quo.
With the nerves to break conventions and always daring to go further, where no one else has gone before.


Bringing those together that have what it takes.
And unifying them through the common goal of greatness.